Power2SA Logo About Us

At Power2SA, we are committed to providing reliable and cost-effective energy solutions. Our company specializes in sustainable solar energy solutions that are designed to meet the needs of installers and solar resellers in South Africa. Our primary objective is to assist people in using better solar products that are long-lasting and provide peace of mind.

Furthermore, we offer invaluable assistance to help people locate and access the materials they require while keeping them in stock. Our aim at Power2SA is to ensure that all individuals in South Africa can live without relying on the grid. We take pride in working with families to provide the best solution for their specific needs.

With the support of our parent company, Jemstech - a turnkey Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, we are equipped with extensive experience and expertise. At Power2SA, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive top-quality products and exceptional support.

VTC Power Co.,Ltd is the leading global lithium battery manufacturer in China over 20 years.As pioneer in lithium battery energy storage ,VTC Power is committed to providing the highest quality,the most innovative and affordable renewable energy storage system for residential and commercial applications.

Inhenergy Inverters the best hybrid inverters

INHENERGY focuses on residential distributed PV power system and has professional R&D team with decades of experience. With full range of inverter products and multiple national invention patents granted, INHENERGY explores global business with self-owned branding strategy and always takes product reliability and performance stability as core competitiveness.

Akcome solar panels

Conforming to the iterative upgrading of photovoltaic technology, AKCOME actively creates a dual-wheel driven business development model with the core of new energy manufacturing and new energy service, fully committed to the full life cycle operation service of high efficiency solar cells, modules and power stations. Akcome concentrates on the upgrading and application of HJT technology to promote affordable new energy to benefit the world.


Jemstech’s business as a turnkey Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, is to partner with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) to accurately manufacture electronic products with reliability and punctuality. Established in 2005 they ensure assemblies of the highest quality and reliability. Jemtech partnered with Power2SA to provide technical services on system repairs – enabling a local sustainable energy solution for the South African market.